Share Savings
As a member and owner of the credit union, you are considered a shareholder. Therefore, your savings account is referred to as a Share Savings Account.

This account is similar to a passbook savings account at other financial institutions with one important exception: a CECU Share Savings Account pays a higher dividend. These higher interest rates are based on the average daily balance and are posted monthly to encourage savings and help your finances to grow.
Click here for the current rate.

Secondary Savings
If you’re saving for something special, want cash for a rainy day or just want to keep some savings separate from your regular Share Savings Account, you can open a Secondary Savings Account with CECU. Interest rates are the same for all savings accounts, so you’re sure to earn great returns no matter which account you use.

Contact CECU at (573) 522-4000 or toll free at (888) 897-2323 to start saving today!



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